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MARK VII: “Gotcha

  • NAME: Autumn
  • TITLE: Fusion Armor
  • FACE CLAIM: Jane Levy

Mark VII doesn’t remember the process of becoming flesh and blood but she has vivid memories from her time as a suit. Her last memory is the very big fall, the one from the portal, she mostly remembers the Hulk catching Tony and then Thor ripping her face off and then it’s just— black. But she doesn’t mind, since the very first day she woke up as a human Mark VII has made it her priority number one to find Stark and keep doing her job. Protect him. And now she also found out the other marks are coming to life, so she likes to keep an eye on them and make sure everyone is alright. Also she found herself the perfect name, Autumn, it just needs Tony Stark’s seal of approval.

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