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Guys, this is just the truth. We might not be an official group but we came together as one group and family of indie RPers.

That being said, try to RP with all of the suits. Try to get out of your comfort zone and RP with a suit that you haven’t. I’ve been seeing cliquiness and I don’t want this to die because someone feels discouraged or pushed to the side in favor of another.

Just try. For me? It would make things much better.

Your favorite A.I.


  • NAME: Bobby
  • TITLE: N/A
  • FACE CLAIM: Jared Padalecki

Bunny was just a stuffed animal given to Pepper by Tony as a Christmas present. She wasn’t fond of him though. When the mansion was destroyed, he was assumed to be as well but he woke up with skin and bones. He’s a child at heart and just wants to be loved and hugged by all, but overall, he just wants Pepper. He wants to make her smile.

Iron Spider Armor

  • NAME: N/A
  • TITLESpider-Man Armored Fighting Suit V.1
  • FACE CLAIM: Gillian Jacobs

Iron Spider was the suit created by Tony Stark and gifted to Peter Parker during the Civil War. Her loyalties are tied between the two and due to her being created by Tony and used by Peter, she’s grown to have a personality that is a mixture of both - though Iron Spider does lean slightly towards being the carefree and joking side that of Peter’s personality. She likes to have a laugh, and lame jokes will always follow her around (some she tells, others are at her expense). She’s extremely loyal and happy to help people in need, but she will often have moments of severe self doubt.

MARK XXIII: "Shades"

  • NAME: Riley
  • TITLE: Extreme-Heat Armor
  • FACE CLAIM: Dianna Agron

Created to withstand and keep Tony Stark safe while in above-average heated climates, Riley considers herself something of a risk-taker. Though she enjoys being on display and getting attention, she never passes up a chance to help others, and is enjoying learning about human concepts such as ‘affection’, ‘drunkenness’, and ‘intimacy’, though she’s still attempting to acclimate to her foreign, fleshy form. Things such as clothing confuse her, but she hopes once she finds her ‘family’ things will get easier.

MARK XIX: "Tiger"

  • NAME: Tiger
  • TITLE: High Velocity
  • FACE CLAIM: Nicholas Hoult

Nineteen, or Tiger, never made it to the status of “suit” in his opinion. He will always see himself as nothing more than a prototype, as that is what Tony left him as. Being a suit made to safely protect Tony at speeds that could break the sound barrier, he wasn’t exactly given weapons capabilities, not even the basic ones. When he awoke as human it translated over in the worst way. While a quick thinker and a fast runner, Tiger is no fighter. In fact fighting scares him, causing him to freeze up… only to later cause him to turn tail and run. Due to being left in such a way Tiger holds a small amount of resentment for Tony and has a hard time connecting with his siblings, feeling like the outcast of the suits. He is quiet and generally sticks to himself.

MARK XXIV: "Fiddler"

  • NAME: Theodore 
  • TITLE: Nimble construction 
  • FACE CLAIM: Iwan Rheon

Compared to his brothers, Theodore is very quiet. He rarely speaks and avoids interaction with anyone as much as he can. He’s very shy even with a big family such as his own. He just wants to find out how he became human and maybe move on because he doesn’t know if he could handle being part of a family so big.. But he loves them all the same.

MARK XXXV: "Red Snapper"

  • NAME: Red
  • TITLE: Disaster-Rescue 
  • FACE CLAIM: Joe Manganiello

Much like the rest of his brothers and sister, Red doesn’t really remember what happened to him. Regardless, his first instinct is to help people, and one of the first things he did after waking up was help a family out of their wrecked vehicle. He’s extremely protective of, well, everyone — especially the other suits and his creator. He’s sweet to the core, and doubts he could really harm anyone, and takes the role of big brother upon himself, even around those who are technically older than him. Red’s always ready and willing to help (sometimes even when no one actually wants it).


Because this is Tumblr, it is inevitable that doubles will show up. So I am nixing the double rule. This is now just a database for all humanized suits and armors. 

Any and all can submit to the page.

That being said, we would still LIKE others. Crossed out on the list page means there is already an RPer with that suit. It would be nice to spread them out so we get them all! 


MARK XV”Sneaky”

  • NAME: Wiley
  • TITLE: Stealth
  • FACE CLAIM: Richard Speight Jr.

Wiley is a mess all in his own. Waking up in an abandoned theme park, he did whatever he could to get back to Tony and the others. He’s, for lack of a better word, cuckoo. He’s crazy and does whatever he likes. He’s a sassy little thing though. He loves to prank his brothers as they never see him coming. He’s a good guy though. He’s protect his brothers any day but his first priority is making them laugh…

…mostly at each other.

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